We’re never short of examples of the woman who has 14 children, is running a small country, while breastfeeding and doing push ups. But sometimes bad shit happens to us mere mortals, someone pushes one of our big red buttons and often we’re too polite or busy to speak up or scream… and we go down. So here’s a place to bare it, no frills, sprinkles, no icing, no game face required.

I’ve had enough of the constant, now almost imperceptible and deeply damaging messages to ‘be better, faster, happier, thinner, more zen, more glamorous, balanced, beautiful and messages that add, if you can just get it ‘right’ you can live your life on a beach, sucking on mangoes and sculling coconut juice.

It’s only when we can say it how it really is, truly, honestly, that space is made for something else. If we can do away with being polite when we talk about the truly Shit Bits we can make a real connection, for ourselves and for others who are no doubt dealing with some Shit Bits too.